Every Day Is A New Adventure

Have you ever thought about changing your life?

We are two people that had that same thought, and decided to do it. We quit our city jobs to pursue our dream of sailing and living freely on the ocean. If you’ve ever had that little voice in the back of your mind that now and again tries to convince you to break free, we want to show you that anyone can do it!


We produce a documentary travel series that follows the inspiring real life stories of individuals who have given their life a whole new meaning. Meet incredible people from all over the world that have broken free of their routines to make their dreams an everyday reality.

We are Phil and Iva
Get to know us and our sailboat

We produce engaging multimedia content in the sincere and fervent hope that it will serve to encourage people start to living the life they dream

The Boat
Iva Agüero
Iva Agüero
First Mate

Satisfy Your Need for Adventure

The Apartment TV

Once upon a time, we took part in a crazy televised adventure. This surreal experience gave birth to an unbreakable bond between the two of us. Find out how we became Team Dali.

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